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The opposite of a heat wave. In the North when there is a cold snap it can fall far below zero degrees Fahrenheit and everything becomes very brittle and easy to snap or fracture, such as trees making cracking noises when they bend with the wind or your home's water pipes splitting.
Make sure you have some hats and blankets in your car in case you break down. We are going to have a huge cold snap this week.
#weather #winter #meteorology #old fashioned #cold
by DuaneD January 24, 2011
a brief period of very cold weather
The one cold snap we had before winter came at an inconvenient time.
#cold-snap #coldsnap #cold spell #idioms #students
by The Return of Light Joker October 17, 2009
A sexual act, originally involving a Rocket Pop but later including most any frozen treat on a stick, whereby the frozen treat is inserted rectally and then snapped off of the stick.
Whew, it sure was hot today. Think I'll unwind with a margarita and a cold snap.
#rocket poop #cold snatch #coal snap #buttsicle #fudgesicle
by WaftyCranker July 06, 2011
the word referring to the Arctic conditions that Ireland is having at the moment.
newsreader:and the Coldsnap is expected to continue for another week.
#cold #coldsnap #colldsnap #cold snap #snap
by LilIrishGurl! January 09, 2010
Said when one has witnessed a diss that is executed exceedingly well, without retaliation from the person who has received this massive insult.
Jenny: You're a filthy whore.
Danielle: Ouch, cold snap.
#touche #oh snap #burn #cold #snap
by dinkel October 03, 2008
When a woman uses multiple ice cubes or cold objects in the act of fellatio, and proceeds to get her tongue stuck to the phallus. When ripping her tongue away, undesired skin comes with it.
Erica and I tried something new in bed last night and all I got was this cold snap!
#sex act #tongue #ice cubes #bad time #below the belt
by gurnyhwurny March 23, 2009
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