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An old English name with even older Nordic roots. It's derived from the Old Norse word "Kolbyr", which means "cold settlement". Also a kind of cheese, but don't bother joking about it with someone named Colby. I guarantee you they've already heard it.

You might not want to name your kid this if you live in the southern U.S. People there have a habit of saying "Koby" instead, and it might drive them nuts.
A lot of these definitions for "Colby" are obviously written by some guy who's really insecure about the size of his member.
by Whateverman09 January 02, 2011
A synonym for 'gangster'.
That colby shot me yo.
by YingYangTangLangChingChong March 20, 2007
The Term know as Extremely Sexy and Full of Style. often refered to a boy.
That Boy is Colby'in (slang)
Look at that Colby
I want a Colby
by Mike Bc March 06, 2007
Colby's usually use Gus as a nickname.
These boys are one of a kind.
they can be your best friend,
or best boy friend. :)
even if you aren't his girl friend, he will treat you like your the world to him. He is always looking out for his friends.

You always know when a Colby likes you.
They are usually very attractive, with amazing blue eyes.
They can make anyone laugh, and are class clowns
If you want a best friend or an amazing boy friend,
get yourself a colby(:
i wish Colby liked me as much as i liked him. :/
by cheer_chick99 January 03, 2011
A sexy male and occasionally female. Colby is the best in bed and the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone wants to date a Colby because they are all around amazing.
person 1: You're so lucky you are dating Colby .
person 2: I know we have the best sex ever.
by jcsurfbro90 August 29, 2010
The sweetest, nicest, funniest, most handsome boy you will ever see. Everyone wants to be like a Colby. Colbys have many many friends and are very smart. He is one of a kind. They make great boyfriends.
I wish I could be like that Colby. He is amazing, I love him.
by moneyorange4 October 28, 2011