the guy with the biggest dick on the block,it will refresh you and make you fell so good.he will have sex anytime with you he just wants to make you happy.he is the best at all sex positions.
by ashley wang April 09, 2010
a extremely hot kid and guy that will rock your bed huge dick so long if u see a colby give him a kiss on the cheek for every girl out there that dosent no a colby or dosent have a colby hes a one and a kind
colbys hot colbys nice colbys dick is long
by amanda lulu April 13, 2010
the lover a kisser a kid or guy that is to good at makeing out and at sex he is to incredible to be true if a colby loves you then please all the girls date him he is the best boy friend ever he has a huge cock and will use it to pleasure you...he loves you hes kind hes sweet hes every thing a girl would want so pls date a colby
colby buff
by caroline donnie April 13, 2010
hes the hottest guy and or kid that you will meat hes smart funny all the stuff a girl wants in a guy he has the hugest cock in the world.nice abs works out alot loves his girl friend usually the most hottest guy with abs and blonde and mabe tan he has style
colby has style
by brittany olsson April 13, 2010
the sexiest man you will ever meat with the longest and biggest dick ever you need a colby to live tour life the way you want it.
colbys blonde buff colbys dick is long big, perfect
by stacy barkinizer April 13, 2010
Nasty, pasty, yellowish, bacteria filled grade of cheese even less desirable than swiss.
American is ok but Colby is downright gross!
by Gollum May 19, 2006

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