A unique, crazy, odd little breed of dog, characterized by lethargy, with occasional outbreaks of staring at random objects, and barking at even smaller, more annoying chihuahuas. Colby dogs have been known to jump in swimming pools, (despite their dire objection to taking baths), stare at a blank wall for an hour or so, and it is not at all uncommon for a Colby to sleep up to and including 20 hours a day. Colby dogs can be easily identified by their fluffy blondish coats, (when in the awake position), and while in the sleeping position, if one sees a giant ball of blondish fluff, chances are INCREDIBLY good that they have found a colby dog. Colby dogs are incredibly rare, in fact, there is only one known to be in existence.

OMG! Colby's dead!
wait, no he's not, he's just asleep.
by the colby hunter May 02, 2008
A sexy outdoors man who is strong and has a love for BACON he is also very cool
" that guy over is such a Colby
by The sexiest man alive117 February 11, 2014
n. A young actor, usually in a musical, who is cast in a nonessential ensemble role but learns every other part in the show to replace and/or fill in for any other performer who is unable to perform during any particular performance.

v. (to pull a...) to fill in for a main role at a moment's notice despite not being the understudy/swing for it. This usually implies a success at playing said roll.

adj. used to describe a young, ambitious actor.
(Noun usage) "While his role had no lines and limited stage-time, the young Colby would be at every rehearsal so as to learn the show and see what parts he could fill in for."

(Verbal usage) "They asked the kid to play the part four minutes before curtain, and he played it perfectly!"

"That dude freakin' pulled a Colby!"

(Adjective Usage) "That kid keeps trying to steal my lines!"

"Yeah, he's such a Colby, he doesn't realize how rude that is..."
by Knavery September 02, 2008
to punch someone in the nuts completely unexpectedly
Girl 1: Dude, she totally colbyed that guy!
Girl 2: but why?
Girl 1: i dont know, it was completely unexpected.

Guy 1: dude what happened?
Guy 2: idk she just colbyed me.
Guy 1: ouch bra
by KA1413 December 15, 2011
a very awesome, stylish, nerdy girl who lives in the midwest and has a voluptuous posterior.

derived from italian heritage. often mistaken for hispanic.

likes japanese culture, anime/manga, sweet lolita, harry potter, tattoos & piercings.
Girl : Who is that?

Boy : Oh, that's Colby.
by just-another-cheese November 28, 2009

to colby is to stick something down your pants
person 1: ew, colby just colbied my highlighter and stuffed it in my face!!

person 2: thats disgusting, go throw it away!
by itarasayy May 16, 2011
A midget oaf with Justin Bieber hair. A typical Colby would play with his hair all day until it looks like J biebs. Some may say that this is unusual, but many Colbys beg to differ. A Colby typically plays baseball. His hair flows out of it like water out of a fountain. Most Colby's want to be african- american.
Blake: Did you see that small guy who looked like Justin Bieber?

Armand: Yeah, what a Colby
by ayobreezy210 July 24, 2011

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