nice,sweet,hot,best boyfriend you will ever have if you have a colby that loves you have him he will love you and take care of you and do anything for you he is a one of a kind....
colby is swet hot nice charming
by sarah banks April 09, 2010
A popular, handsome "golden boy" who is secretly gay.
Evan is such a Colby. Ryan and him were totally eye-fucking each other at the party.
by Kool_Kate October 26, 2011
A large mammal like horse, that Nicki clearly rides.

Haha, did you see Nicki riding that Colby?
by nicole snapshack April 27, 2009
a type of male haircut. Its usually blonde, naturally straight, a little shorter than shoulder length and all the same length with absolutly no layers. reminisent of the early-mid 90s. if you saw someone with this cut, they usually look like their name would be colby, if its not already. they also typically look like they belong in the babysitters club.
"he has such a colby haircut"
"ew did you see that colby back there?"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
a guy who is paid to screw a woman. Basically, it's a male prostitute. Sells himself for money because he's a loser and can't get a girl friend so he tries to make himself feel good inside by screwing a girl. He tries so hard but still isn't happy so later in life he commits suicide by slitting his wrists an neck.

Colby's life sux
by i.kinda.luv.u.little.bit.yeah January 30, 2009
a kid that has a huge dick and he usually can get a Caroline to love him they are the perfect matches ever and he is really popular and hot and sexy also will be wealthy when hes older and hot and sexy and tan also very good in bed and really nice to lady's and girls and will do anything for his family and girlfriend or anyone. he loves his family and will take care of them and do anything for them he is hansom and kind and really good in sports
by alysaa conow March 13, 2010
A male person of tiny physique, that needs to hit a gym sometime. Also this person is known for having an unusally tiny penis.
HAHA!!! Look at that colby! He really needs to work out...

Oh my gosh, you Colby!, is that all there is?!?
by THEDUDENESS February 03, 2010
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