n. A young actor, usually in a musical, who is cast in a nonessential ensemble role but learns every other part in the show to replace and/or fill in for any other performer who is unable to perform during any particular performance.

v. (to pull a...) to fill in for a main role at a moment's notice despite not being the understudy/swing for it. This usually implies a success at playing said roll.

adj. used to describe a young, ambitious actor.
(Noun usage) "While his role had no lines and limited stage-time, the young Colby would be at every rehearsal so as to learn the show and see what parts he could fill in for."

(Verbal usage) "They asked the kid to play the part four minutes before curtain, and he played it perfectly!"

"That dude freakin' pulled a Colby!"

(Adjective Usage) "That kid keeps trying to steal my lines!"

"Yeah, he's such a Colby, he doesn't realize how rude that is..."
by Knavery September 02, 2008
Top Definition
A synonym for 'gangster'.
That colby shot me yo.
by YingYangTangLangChingChong March 20, 2007
The Term know as Extremely Sexy and Full of Style. often refered to a boy.
That Boy is Colby'in (slang)
Look at that Colby
I want a Colby
by Mike Bc March 06, 2007
Colby's usually use Gus as a nickname.
These boys are one of a kind.
they can be your best friend,
or best boy friend. :)
even if you aren't his girl friend, he will treat you like your the world to him. He is always looking out for his friends.

You always know when a Colby likes you.
They are usually very attractive, with amazing blue eyes.
They can make anyone laugh, and are class clowns
If you want a best friend or an amazing boy friend,
get yourself a colby(:
i wish Colby liked me as much as i liked him. :/
by cheer_chick99 January 03, 2011
A sexy male and occasionally female. Colby is the best in bed and the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone wants to date a Colby because they are all around amazing.
person 1: You're so lucky you are dating Colby .
person 2: I know we have the best sex ever.
by jcsurfbro90 August 29, 2010
The sweetest, nicest, funniest, most handsome boy you will ever see. Everyone wants to be like a Colby. Colbys have many many friends and are very smart. He is one of a kind. They make great boyfriends.
I wish I could be like that Colby. He is amazing, I love him.
by moneyorange4 October 28, 2011
An old English name with even older Nordic roots. It's derived from the Old Norse word "Kolbyr", which means "cold settlement". Also a kind of cheese, but don't bother joking about it with someone named Colby. I guarantee you they've already heard it.

You might not want to name your kid this if you live in the southern U.S. People there have a habit of saying "Koby" instead, and it might drive them nuts.
A lot of these definitions for "Colby" are obviously written by some guy who's really insecure about the size of his member.
by Whateverman09 January 02, 2011
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