Snorting a line of coke off a floating turd in the toilet.
"Susan ran out of blow and the only way I would give her mine is if she did a coke float".
by CokeFloat Bob November 26, 2010
Top Definition
A cold drink/desert made by adding two or three scoops of ice cream (usually vanilla flavor) into a glass of Coca-Cola; more commonly made with root beer
This coke float sure does taste good on a hot summer day. Too bad we didnt have any root beer to make it with.
by Super Gerbil June 28, 2004
proceding to take a shit in a girls mouth then to cum ontop of it and she swallows it
i gave that bee-otch a massive coke float last night
by cordell507 November 15, 2010
A sexual act whereby a female defecates upon a glass coffee table, and precedes to squash the faeces with her buttocks, while her partner views from underneath said table.
Man this chick did the sweetest coke float I ever did see last night, going to need some serious cilit bang to clear that shit up.
by FloatingEgg June 17, 2011
When someone shits in water.
George - "Why did we have to evacuate the pool?"

Mark - "Some kid made a coke float"

George - "Raunchy"
by budja June 26, 2004
When, after a man ejaculates inside a woman's vagina, she takes a bottle of cola and shakes it up a bit, then inserts the bottle into her vagina, whereby the coke bubbles up into her birth canal. THEN, the man performs oral sex on her, swallowing both his semen and the cola.
I just gave Johnny a coke float & he loved it!
by L. A. June 06, 2007
Getting a massive black guy to penetrate a vagina (so that it is loose enough to eat cereal out of it) and get a bunch of other guys to circle jerk around her and ejaculate into her loosened vajayjay to the point it overflows.
A bunch of my friends and i saw a dead cat last night and decided to give it a coke float.
by Mysterybum December 02, 2007
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