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not being able to get one's dick up despite serious efforts and a more more
than willing mind.
Fuck............she was all over me and i was lovin' it but i had coke-dick. Jesus, Why does this always happen to me?
by Godless A.F. September 28, 2003
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After snorting entirely to much cocaine causing one's cock to become completely useless.
"To much blow and the cock won't grow"
Jake Clitties from an episode of Californication during the shooting of "Vaginatown" gets Coke Dick after snorting some coke before a scene
by infamous joker May 07, 2009
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This happens after use of cocaine, and, makes the penis unable to become hard.Or it is then it's not, or, it's not then it is.
There I was with this really hot chick and I was so frustrated.....I had the coke-dick, the only option was to wait... Wait and hope she doesn't leave before I comedown.
by Les Pance May 15, 2005
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When a guy does coke (also happens with ectasy and when drunk sometimes) and he can't get hard. If he does manage to get hard, it will take him a long time to cum.
Try as she might, the slutty sorority girl couldn't get her date hard because he had coke-dick.

by Jackme August 31, 2005
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losing circulation in your penis, causing it to shrival or become small, also not allowing an erection to fully occur due to lack of blood.
I snorted so much coke that I had coke-dick.
by stephan December 04, 2004
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a raging boner that is not able to achieve a "happy ending" due to excessive use of nose candy.
Damn, I can't squirt my load. I've got coke dick, sniff, sniff!
by Barry Hell January 20, 2003
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