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1. Hell
2. A bad place to work
3. A bad place to shop
4. See number 1
i went to walmart last night... and i got third degree burns... and i think i saw Satan... he was yellow.. and had a big fucking smile on his face....He was going around slashing prices... SLASHING!!!
by Stephan February 26, 2005
losing circulation in your penis, causing it to shrival or become small, also not allowing an erection to fully occur due to lack of blood.
I snorted so much coke that I had coke-dick.
by stephan December 04, 2004
VERY LARGE PENIS... were talking like durk diggler size..13+ inches
"comon little red riding hood, i got some donkeycock for you" said the wolf
by stephan September 03, 2003
A cock bunny is a girl who like the cock.. i mean alot, this girl is on a cock diet.. i made it up from the word Beach bunny.see a beach bunny is a girl who hangs out on the beach alot or near it, so a cock bunny is a girl who hang out near cock all day
"man my teacher is such a cockbunny, she wont leave my father alone"
by stephan August 19, 2003
kickass hip-hop band out of morgantown wv
123 pleasent street was jumpin with the 304 reconz last week
by stephan August 14, 2004
Term used to describe a negro from the ages of 2 to 10. Negros of this age commonly have runny noses and never blow them.
The snot nigger next door never uses kleenex.
by Stephan July 10, 2003
the weapon of choice whilst in the heat of a kitchen battle...with the mouse king that lives in the walls of your house.
1. I had to use my pottery knife to ward off the hordes of mice. 2. Joe reached for his pottery knife to fend off the attack of the Mouse King, to no prevail....
by Stephan February 26, 2005
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