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A person who shares both the properties of a cock and a weasel, thus forming a nightmarish amalgamation of the two.
"He stole my box of guns!" -"The cockweasel!"
by adolf hitler December 11, 2003
a) Someone in general that tries to screw you over in any given situation.

b) A person or thing that uses your material to promote themselves whilst not crediting you.

c) Sexually; may mean someone that tries in anyway possibly to get down someone pants.

d) May be used generally to describe someone that is a cock or tosser.
AN EXAMPLE: "Here you go, all done and dusted, good innit"
" o, yes very good did James R help"
" NO, i did it all"

- whata cock weasel
by James Ripley October 26, 2004
A person who is cunning and sneaky, and just an all around douche bag.
The new spokesperson for the company is a real cock-weasel.
by oh, that guy January 17, 2009
A boss who takes credit for your work or effort. You have to put up with with his credit-stealing ways because he can fuck you royally or fire you.
He was such a cock weasel during that meeting
by whorlio October 24, 2003
A small North American rodent who lives under your ballsack and protects your penis in times of extreme stress.
If you bit me during this blowjob again, Im gonna release the cockweasel.
by whitepapagold February 11, 2011
1) Small memeber of the ferret genus, native to papau New Guinea
2) Member of the female sex who likes to hunt by night for the hooded trouser snake.
1) "By golly Evans! Cockweasel guess is that we are close to the nest!"
2) "That girl is such a cockweasel, she's been down on everything but the Titanic!"
by Mike September 10, 2003
A pretentious, arrogant, stuck-up, self-centred bastard who believes he is Gods gift to women and can therefore fuck you over. Exeter is heavily populated by such beings. It is also an entertaining word to say and can be used as an insult against almost everybody!
'he's such a cock weasel!!'
by Lafrowda January 14, 2006
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