A urologist; a specialist whose area of expertise is the genitourinary system. Also known as a pecker checker.
Dude, that bitch gave me syphilis and now I need to get a referral to the cocktor to check it out.
by Dr House May 01, 2012
Top Definition
a doctor that is very skilled in medicine and sex
Doctor Tanner is a world wide hero for his cure for cancer and a cocktor as well
by Iharne K.G Ramms June 17, 2009
A doctor that uses big medical jargon to demonstrate that they went to medical school and you did not.
Doc: "Looks like you are suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis."
Patient: "Oh my gosh, am I dying? How long do I have to live?"
Doc: "Naw, you're fine! You're just tired all the time."
Patient: "You're such a cocktor."
by moreritz January 20, 2015
when you get so much pussy you feel like you can fly
I got so much pussy last night i feel like cocktor
by Kamran Omidi October 24, 2007
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