The inner thigh area of a male. Analogous to the armpit.
Dude, my underwear left some lint in my cockpit!
#nuts #dick #balls #thigh #choda
by OMGBearAttack August 31, 2009
A woman who is used to an exes Super King Size nob and now she dont feel anything off the regular ones, neither do they though it kinda just sinks in! :S
girl: he was massive, the best orgasim i EVER had but now Ive got *fill in lads name* and hes cute sweet and funny, but dont really do anything for me, kinda just sinks in, and he cant be getting much pleasure eithe, my ex turned me into a bucket man! *sigh*
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
1.a dirty girls mouth.2.term used for a promiscuous person,or sluts(mainly female) mouth,referring to her sexual social behavior.
1) she asked if she could use my toothbrush,i said nooo!,who knows who's been in her "cock pit".

2)Regina left with some guy in her car,im sure she was showin him "the cock-pit".
#cawk #cocky #wang sucka #chicken head #ho
by mike blumquist May 31, 2007
The space under your balls in front of your asshole
Dude Jenny was giving me head last night and she was all up in my cockpit
#giving head #blowjob #rim job #dick #asshole
by Gayerthangays February 26, 2015
v. to insert an erect penis into the armpit of another for sexual pleasure, possibly in the case of more conventional sexual practices being unavailable.
"I'm not on the pill, you'll just have to cockpit me."
#sex #armpit #penis #pilot #topgun
by anonymousbastard October 03, 2014
Someone who is not right wing or left wing. so in the space between the two wings, therefore-cockpit .
Guy 1: Mate your a good friend but you are cockpit.

Guy 2: oh yeh, well your half cast!
But I love you.
#racist #right wing #left wing #half cast #black
by Max a May 02, 2014
When a woman allows a certain of number of penises into her Vagina, normally 3 or more, her vagina is then nicknamed a cockpit for being a hole where numerous penises go. In short, a cockpit, is a slut's vagina.
Damn, that whore had a loose cockpit. If only she had some self control and didn't have to screw every man she calls a boyfriend.
#whore #slut #skank #ho #cock count #lying loosy #cock pit #vagina #pussy #twat
by big pimpin111 March 16, 2014
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