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When a woman allows a certain of number of penises into her Vagina, normally 3 or more, her vagina is then nicknamed a cockpit for being a hole where numerous penises go. In short, a cockpit, is a slut's vagina.
Damn, that whore had a loose cockpit. If only she had some self control and didn't have to screw every man she calls a boyfriend.
by big pimpin111 March 16, 2014
When a guy has sex with an armpit. Also referred to as a shoulder barge.
Harry could do his girlfriend in the normal way...but he prefers cock pits as he's a pretty twisted individual.
by Who Gave Mankind Beer? January 14, 2010
(n) the act of inserting the male genitalia into the armpit of the receiver of said action, resulting in satisfaction to those who enjoy sweaty scraping of the genitalia

(v) the process of participating in said activity
So we ran out of ideas and i decided to give her a cock-pit.
by Nemunetes August 24, 2009
Area on an airplane where Cathay stewardess' gives head.
Let's head down to the cockpit because you just blew my mind.
by flymilehighclub August 08, 2011
The area where you shaft connects with your scrotum. Sweat and dirt collects here. Its like an armpit for your penis.
"Hey stop scratching your balls!" - Jeff

"I'm not its my cockpit, a$$hole!!" - Tim
by 3plaintain December 03, 2008
fucking a girl in the arm pit
i shoved mah dick in that bitches armpit but it wasn't shaved so it was a very painful cockpit adventure
by chinaguy November 27, 2009
A place where a bunch of guys go to have gay sex.
Oh no. Were in a cock pit!
by Deep Blue 2012 August 07, 2009