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1. One who knocks cocks. 2. Someone who is a complete idiot or clutz. See jerkoff.
You're such a stupid cockknocker!
by Do me big time May 23, 2003
72 28
Mild insult, popularized by Kevin Smith movies.
by anonymous October 07, 2003
203 64
N: One who randomly strikes people in the testicles. Often on a daily or hourly basis.
Billy is a cock knocker. He hit me in the balls everyday this week.
by Alex December 05, 2003
133 69
One who is a complete idiot or retard. Someone excels at pissing the shit out of people. Some people may hear this when pking with Nightmarerh. One may also here the words "Bunghole" "Motherfucker" or occasionally "Hippy Ranger"
You: "Dude did you see me just pwn the narb" He lost a fucking sara sword man!"

Other guy: "Holy shit man that was Nightmarerh you better log bro!"

by The Ending August 20, 2010
77 21
Mark Hamill's part in Jay and Silent Bob strike back.
Now whos balls have been busted bitch? BONG!!
by FhillyMan October 12, 2003
77 29
An individual who exudes an aura of extreme fuckwittery!
Bruce is a right Cock Knocker!!

Yeah what a fuckstick!
by Maverick 293 October 23, 2009
29 17
Kezzism 1. An Old Skool fool 2.The act of knocking cock 3. An expression made by one party to express disgust at the actions of another.

In extreme situations it may be neccesary to refer to one as a double-hard cockknocker
Shutup Bond you cockknocker
by I am Asparagus November 03, 2005
36 26