when one eats so much corn, either being on the cob, from the can, or from any other source, and the corn shows up in the fecal matter, or poop, shit, turd. Now, for the poop to actually be called "cobbin'" is when it is filled with so much corn that it looks like corn on the cob
"hey man! I just went cobbin'!"

"you ever been cobbin'?"

"that shit was straight cobbin'"
by mikesiner January 29, 2009
Top Definition
Cobbin is a word of New England origin that changes meaning based on context.

Cobbin can be a verb. It can be a noun. It can be an adjective. It can really be anything at all. That's the beauty in it. One can cobb. One can go cobbing. Something or someone can be cobbin.
That party last night was straight cobbin.

Yo, wanna meet up? We can go cobbin this weekend.

Fucking cobb it man. Cobb the fucking shit out of it.


You cobb!
by pgshpak February 24, 2014
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