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The slight intoxicated feeling you get from drinking one or two beers when you have absolutely no food in your stomach. Once you eat something of value, the buzz significantly wears off, which forces you to drink more to get back the same buzz and preferably more intoxicated. Not having any food in your stomach and drinking lots of alcohol will ultimately lead vomiting of whatever you drink, so eat some fuckin' food!

In summary, getting a decent buzz with little effort.
Bill: "Damn dude, I'm only on my second beer and I'm startin' to feel ripped."

Bob: "Christ Bill, you must either be the world's biggest pussy who can't handle your alcohol, or you caught a cheap buzz because you haven't had anything to eat today."

Bill: "You're damn right, Bob. I haven't eaten anything today...but god damn it I'm such a pussy too!"
by Drew J November 26, 2005
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