To go down on some chick with a snorkell, and not coming up for air for at least 20 minutes.
I was at a the C&B and saw Vince doing a coakley on the waitress
by Tugsy Malone September 04, 2006
Top Definition
verb: to lose something - particularly but not limited to a political race - which was once thought to be easily attainable.
If you're too confident, and believe you're as great as everyone says you are, you'll coakley the game for sure.
by putch22 January 19, 2010
Get a crack whore, give her twenty dollars, go down on her for 45 minutes, ensure that you ask for nothing in return, repeat.
I was trying to kick a conversion when I saw Dan doing a Coakley behind the posts...thats' not how i roll
by Buckins April 11, 2006
gettin a crack whore, goin down on her for 45 minutes, givin her twenty bucks, ensure you ask for nothing in return. leave
butters had a horrible rash on his mouth after doing a coakley
by Buckins April 18, 2006
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