( CLUT) a classy slut.
Man 1: Yea she even swallows.

Man 2: man she sounds like a real CLUT
by Bijan S June 23, 2013
A lesbian slut, specifically one who craves cunt.
Teddy: Would you do Marsha?
Jefferson: Uh... I thought she was a lesbian.
Teddy: No, she's just a slut.
Jefferson: No, she may be a slut, but she is still a lesbian.
Teddy: So she likes vagina?
Jefferson: Or cunts, if you prefer.
Teddy: Friggin' clut.
by Dizzlebizzle12234 September 25, 2010
A total "clud" who lacks all immediate talent in the braindage departement.
they find it difficult to interact with normal people and find their only friend to be
born to die says
"err whats that"
normal person says
"its you, in the mirror"
born to die says
"wow its magic"
normal person says
"damn hes such a clut"
by born to die bla January 31, 2009
A gaping vagina, resembling a cavern. Typically disgusting and lacking hygiene. A clut can also refer to the female who possesses it.
I can't believe you went clut spelunking last night!

If she doesn't shut up I'm going to smack that clut.

The only way she gets off is with a clutmallet.
by Bo Monte-Carlo September 06, 2009
a play on words that combines the word craiglist and slut to describe a man or woman who places ads on craigslist frequently to hook up with anonomous sex partners.
Can you believe Sebastian had sex with four different men he met on craiglist last week. He is such a clut.
by Jake Dosilingo March 05, 2008
- noun
1. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous, yet classy.
Because he can enjoy sexual promiscuity without feeling like a lover of sluts, Martin enjoys associating with cluts.
by Miss Jordy January 15, 2007
CLUT is an acronym for "Color Lookup Table"

It refers to a technique used in older hardware to display bitmaped images. Instead of storing the color in the pixel's memory location, a CLUT based system stores an index that refers to a table of component color values.CLUTs are also refered to as palettes.
Refer to the CLUT when programming colors for video games.
by Kopo January 10, 2006
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