A clut is what I call, a slut and a cunt. It's used for the lazy internet language fags. So, instead of, "You're a slut, you cunt." You type, "YOU CLUT!" and people will respond with "A clut?" and you say, "Yeah, what your mom is." So, they will have to type up, www.urbandictionary.com to come look for the word. :]
"I wanna bone this girl, but my man said she's a clut. I hate cluts. -Frowns.-"

"Your mom is such a clut, man."

by Michael (Blue) Rotondo May 20, 2007
What you say to girls trying to get you to have sex.
I was going to say something at a party but that clut tickled my neck.
by landen wagner May 09, 2008
A word i made up that sounds dirty. Also used aropund your parents, when you want to say Cunt, but instead you can use clut. Because its not bad.
You Clut!

Your mom is a clut.

TOuch my clut.
by Puds Hater December 12, 2005

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