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Papz is shortened for Paper i.e. Cash notes.
1)'Got to get a job, got to make the papz'
>'Get a job and earn money/cash notes'<

2)'Don't get my papz till next week'
>I don't get paid till next week'<
by minarani December 22, 2006
Lox short for 'Locks'/ 'Locked' is a term used in England to describe being grounded or not allowed out.
"I cant come out to night because i'm on lox"
by minarani December 22, 2006
Refers to your country of origin. Which may not be the country you were born in, but the country of your ethnicity or race. Where your parents/grandparents/ancestors were originally from.
Hurlbut: "You said that you go 'back home', now what do you mean by Back Home"?
Malcom X: "Back among our own people, back into our original civilisation"
by minarani November 20, 2012
Refers to Money, Cash, Notes etc. Slang term and is most often used by teens.
'Nah...can't I aint got no clut'
by minarani December 22, 2006

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