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A difficult customer; one whose actions or reactions to price, organization or just reality in general makes planning and execution infuriatingly difficult. That is, a cluster-fuck generating client. Also most interior decorators.
We could have done this six-week remodel in two weeks if we'd had a regular guy instead of this friggin' clustomer.

Massive cleanup on Aisle 6 -- clustomer at work!
by masta grammastafarian February 28, 2013
a group/cluster of women on a shopping trip.
Shop owner says to her sales assistant:

'Standby, here comes another clustomer'
by Gillian McFarlane May 30, 2007
When multiple people enter an establishment to make only a single transaction, unnecessarily complicating a simple job by sheer weight of numbers.
Five students holding a table by ordering a single beer; that's a clustomer.
I'll call you back, a clustomer just walked in. I'll need a drink after this.
by Bobannaliffia May 04, 2015
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