vagina. can also be used more broadly to describe girls in general - similar to gash. used a lot by jay from the inbetweeners.
"there's plenty more clunge in the sea"
by hargecarn May 30, 2009
Vagina. Pussy. Gash.

1) Sweet Clunge
The object of most adolescent boys, and 40-year-old virgins desires, the sweet, innocent, hopefully legal vagina of a young girl, ready to be ploughed by a mans cock

2) Semi-Haggard Clunge
Pussy that has gone a bit ripe with age, but is still acceptable to fuck, usually belonging to a cougar.

3) Munt-Clunge
Very rare. The relatively fresh, but slightly rotted gash of a female corpse, ready to have the bodily fluids gushing out of it into a Munter's mouth. Best served ice-cold.
Man 1: I got some sweet clunge last night.
Man 2: Really? Where did you find her.
Man 1: At this guy's houseparty, she was in a little schoolgirls outfit, ready to be ploughed.
Man 2: Did you just get hard thinking about it?
Man 1: Man, that clunge was just soo sweet..

Barney: What we have here, my friend, is a Haggard Clunge.
Marshall: Ahhh shit, you can't fuck that cougar now..
Barney: No, wait, it's only semi-haggard, she has highlights and 2 inch nails! I'm goin' in.
Marshall: *tear in his eye* Godspeed, good fucker.

Billy: Wanna go to the graveyard tonight and get some ice-cold munt-clunge action?
Timmy: Nah, I lost my spade.
Billy: It's alright, it's my auntie's open grave!
Timmy: SWEET.
by manyperson August 10, 2009
A Clunge - A Vagina, Ham Wallet, Cod Pocket, Clam, Pink Paradise, Cunt, Etc. ..

Slang for Female Genitalia. Often used in Context when explaining if Girls are Hot enough for Entercourse.

For Example;
2 girls appear in the Distance,

Guy 1; Hey dude, is that some Possible Clunge?

Guy 2; No man, thats Old man Jenkins and his Labrador. Your into Beastality, that aint' Right man,
by IndieKid;] July 19, 2009
The word 'Clunge' is a combination between 'Clit', 'Minge' and 'Cunt' - and is a british slang word for the female genitalia.

Tyrone: "I was so deep in her freshly shaven clunge I was snorkeling bruv!"

Can also be used to describe girls in general.

Jamal: "Alie, there was clunge everywhere I couldn't choose!"
by KimmyT January 25, 2010
Verb used to express the actions of a female who ruins something 'laddish' by getting involved when not wanted.
"Julie came round and clunged all over our Fifa tournament."

"Don't invite Sarah to the poker night, she will only clunge on it."
by GDogYat November 07, 2013
Another type of slang word for the female genitalia. Has now overtaken 'Gash' as the most overused, general word for a female by many different youths.
Billy says: Man, there are too many men at this party.

Jake says: Yeh init, why don't you give your boy a call and get some clunge down here!

Billy says: Yes mate we want clunge heaven.
by Shiftyy May 21, 2009
Slang term for Female genitalia

commonly used in comedy show "The Inbetweeners"
Jay: You may want to bring your wellies with you
Neil: Why?
Jay: Cause you'll be knee deep in Clunge!!
by Gingeboy May 15, 2009
Another word for a vagina, usually a not very nice vagina. Can also be used as part of everyday words to make them sound a bit rank.
"Close you're legs, I can smell your clunge a mile off"

"Count Clungula
by JoshMK40 August 25, 2008

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