Slang term for Female genitalia

commonly used in comedy show "The Inbetweeners"
Jay: You may want to bring your wellies with you
Neil: Why?
Jay: Cause you'll be knee deep in Clunge!!
by Gingeboy May 15, 2009
The clunge is the woman/girl's minge, the rest of the woman/girl is the cunt.
I gave the cunt a kick in the clunge!
by Pride of Lions June 02, 2011
...something 'nom'-able.
by CLUNGE-A-HOLIC November 10, 2010
A term for a particularly pungent, poorly kept or gruesome vagina.
"I'm not chucking one up that again mate, that clunge was stinking like a rotting whale carcass festering in the sun."
by Clunge stumper May 04, 2009
noun - the not-so-common expression for a womans private area

descriptive - gaz (the serial killer) and his buckets of clunge (meaning plenty of female friends)
your girlfriends beef curtains!! - clunge
by X4K0 January 07, 2009
That part of a woman between midriff and knees, in the vertical; and between the thighs, in the horizontal. The flange.
"Jesus, what a slapper," quoth Hubert. "Had I tried, methinks I could have got my whole head up her clunge!"
by percyhalfpig January 29, 2004
A vagina that is smelly or repulsive in nature, such as one infected with blue waffle or another STI of that sort.

Also used similarly to "cunt" when in reference to conversation with friends.
"Hey clunge!"

"Oh gross, you can smell that chicks clunge from here!"
by cold weiner October 18, 2011

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