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Sl. Vulg. Female genitalia esp vagina.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about clunge all day long.
by Jasp August 05, 2003
Sleeping beast of a machine
pple think they are slow
Bye Bye WRX's
Bye Bye Muzzas in the clubby
Bye Bye Tyres see you on the road
by Jasp May 25, 2004
Somone sitting down at a computer with nothing to do....like now...you must have alot of free time if your reading this. ropp
A ropinmo be at the library studyin on a saturday night.
by Jasp January 18, 2005
une coq phoque.... is sometimes used... wait... wut m i sayin... is always used in the form... TU EST UNE COQ PHOQUE. while this may lead u to sum trouble wit adults... u ken easily tell dem that it means U R A ROOSTER SEAL in french... so say it LOUDLY n PROUDLY!!!
tu est une coq phoque (they didn't let me use caps lok on dis part *rolls eyes*)
by jasp January 17, 2004
Popular nostalgic food item amongst expatriate men.
I'll have a savaloy & clunge twice please.
by Jasp August 05, 2003
Cockney rhyming slang: Soap = Soap and Sponge = Clunge (see seperate entry clunge ).
Q: You gettin' some tonight ?
A: Nah, We got a soap on the rope = my muff's got the decorators in.
by Jasp August 08, 2003

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