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The result of a person going down on a girl on her period. The bloody outline around one's mouth looks like "clown lips".
Uggggghhhh! Did you see Tom's "clown lips"? I guess Jessica is on her period right now. Maybe someone should tell him?
by B*Long (that's my rap name) June 08, 2010
The act of aggressively cleaning your rectum so much so that it becomes red, irritated and enflamed.
"John had spicy Habanero Wings last night and he's paying the price this morning. He's been in the bathroom 3 times and he's walking with a limp. He's got to be suffering from clown lip".
by Captain Fudgey May 14, 2009
Another word for anus
Greg bent over, spread his cheeks, and showed me his clown lips.
by Pugh April 22, 2005
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