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when you think you've got dope, but it's only close. Not really dope, but looks like it.

I was hopefully optimistic, but that shit is only clope.
by hope August 11, 2004
(n) - A venereal disease that afflicts summer camp staff members working a clopening day (closing and opening.) Symptoms include: energy loss, cramping, hatred of all children, irritability, slight fever, loss of driving abilities, speaking with an Israeli accent, desire for methamphetamine, and pus-filled boils.
Seth's quarantined for 24 hours with the clope.
by jdroz32 September 17, 2008
Verb- Cloping
Plural- Clopes

When you can see a girl/women's cleavage or vagina too show off.
Or can be used as another word for slut.
"Omg look at <name> she's soo Cloping"
"OMG see those Clopes over there??"
by Joey'xo August 03, 2014
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