A clock block is a customer or co-worker that asks you a question or distracts you right as you are about to clock off for the day.
"Hey I thought you already left."
"Yeah, some clock block asked me if we had any more 1 liter Diet Coke in the back."
by QFswagger January 08, 2012
to tell the time before anyone else gets the chance to; similar to the cockblock, but for the current time, not penetration
Derpina: Guys, what time is it?

-race to check the time-

Derpington: It's derp o'clock.
Herpanna: Dammit, Derpington, you always clockblock me! I wanted to say what time it is!
by no_lyf June 02, 2011

A: A person who prevents you from seeing your clock or prevents you from getting somewhere on time.

B: A person who stands in front of the swim clock preventing another swimmer from meeting his or her interval.
A: Jill- "You're ten minutes late Jack."
Jack- "Sorry my roommate was being a clockblock and wouldn't let me leave till I cleaned the dishes from last night."

B: Coach- "Adam! You missed your interval!"
Adam- "Coach, it wasn't my fault. Mike was standing in front of the clock again.
Coach- "What a clockblock, I'll talk to him about it."
by lolmongoose December 30, 2008
When you try to play Playstation 3 on 1st of March 2010, and the hardware clock thinks it's a leap year, and that the date is 29th of February, the playstation clock-blocks you.
This is also the bug that caust the apocolyPS3 day.
"On 1st of March 2010, the Playstation 3 clock-blocked almost every Playstation 3 in the world"

Gamer #1: "Dude, I can't play on my PS3!"
Gamer #2: "Oh, you got the old PS3?! Well, it's clock-blocking everybody!"
by BlastMaster4000 March 02, 2010
When someone is late for an event that is already planned
Guy 1 - "Bro, where the fuck is Dan? We gotta go now, or we'll miss the fight."
Guy 2 - "I don't know, but he better not clockblock us..."
Guy 3 - "I'll kick his ass."
by 97NoRtHsTaR December 13, 2009
A subcategory of cock block. Things are about to get spicy, but then there isn't substantial time to get it in.

Also sometimes used to refer to not being able to see a clock. However, this is not the appropriate usage of the word, and should be discouraged.
Jim- "Stacey and I were about to go all the way, but then I realized I had practice in ten minutes."
Henry- "Man, you got clock blocked."
by S'morgasm January 24, 2011
To avoid fixing the phone time display on an avaya phone because, seriously, don't you already have a watch.
Clockblocking is when the users say, hey fix the clock on my phone because I only have like 100 other clocks to look at and the admin, god of the world, as we all know, was like, sure, we use a priotity from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best and you are a negative 5 with a 0 being the score for random office chat or coffee breaking.
by YourPepPep January 20, 2011

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