The action of avoiding to look at a clock while working hoping that time will go by faster.
employee1: man work totally sucked today because we had to work 10 hours.
employee2: nah man i totally clocked blocked all day and it flew by.
employee1:damn clock blocker -_-'
by Sab0o January 11, 2011
When someone is sitting in class so that they block your view of the clock. You can't check the time without leaning over conspicuously and the teacher noticing
Bryn: Dude that guy was totally clock blocking me, Mr. Richards noticed me looking at the time and kept us for another five minutes.

Oliver: Man I hate clock blockers
by brynster48 January 15, 2010
When the coworker that's supposed to take over your shift shows up early and gives you the impression that you're almost off, when in reality you still have x amount of time till you can clock out.
"Ugh, why'd they have to get here half an hour early? I just got clockblocked."
by t5kt5k May 27, 2013
When an obstacle or another person is obstructing your view to where you can't tell what time it is.
Will is standing in front of the wall clock, man he is such a Clock Block.

Ben stole my watch, what a Clock Block.
by DeathofMay October 13, 2010
The ability of upper management at a company to habitually prevent employees from working overtime.
"I wanted to work some extra time today to get my job done finally, but Mr. Wethers is going to clockblock me again."
by Guy Fresco January 25, 2008
The tiny clock in the middle of your blackberry screen which prevents you from living your life and/or viewing large pages of porn.
Sorry mate I coudnt reply to your BBM because I had clock block
by BBMessy December 30, 2011
when you ask for the time and someone refuses to tell you.
you: hey can i get the time sweenykins?

sweenykins: absolutly not!

you: what a clockblocker
by james.p. November 03, 2011

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