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(N) a mysterious person who shows up on your facebook friends list and you have no idea where they came from or who they are; are known as 'fimples'. Removing said person is known as "popping a fimple".
A fimple just popped up on my facebook friends list.
by TheRealMcCoy August 03, 2009
In the act of intercourse you go to your freezer and grab an ice cube then you place the frozen cube of joy on top of your partners butt hole. After it is placed on top of the butt hole you viciously push the ice cube inside of her anus with the tip of your penis. This is known to cause extreme frosty pleasure on the tip of your penis and your partners rectum.
"Billy had to amputate the tip of his penis because of the viscous European Frostbite he gave his teacher lat night."
by TheRealMccoy January 24, 2015
Being stopped from leaving work by your superior in the company who picks the last minutes of the day to stop and talk to you.

(v) Its 4:59 pm and your about to finish work for the day just then the phone rings it’s your boss who wants to talk to you for a "few minutes" your boss is "clockblocking".
Dude, just as I was leaving from work my boss called and kept me on the phone for forty-five minutes..he is always clockblocking me.
by TheRealMcCoy August 03, 2009
The act of removing your Ex from your bank accounts, credit cards, and other related accounts. Also includes removing from life,car, and medical insurance policy. Should also include email password change-out and 'ignore' on Facebook, Myspace, AIM, Yahoo, et al.
Yeah we are getting a divorce looks like I have to perform an Exoexocism to get rid of her.
by TheRealMcCoy August 03, 2009
Opposite of ‘déjà vu’ meaning –“I get the feeling I haven’t seen anything like this before…”
Wow, I just had a Vu jàdé ...cause I have never seen any shit like this before.
by TheRealMcCoy August 03, 2009
(N) Person who’s voice is so sharp (high pitched, piercing, and annoying) as to make one feel they are being mauled by a prehistoric animal is known as a “Voicearaptor”
Dude that chicks voice is piercing my brain like she is some kind of voicearaptor.
by TheRealMcCoy August 03, 2009

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