In basketball when you make a shot off the shot clock and it doesn't count or having a made shot called off because of not getting the shot off in time.
I thought I hit the game winning shot as time expired but I was clockblocked by the buzzer.
by boo&brasen December 29, 2010
Top Definition
when you can't get to a web page because your computer or mobile phone is too slow or has a poor connection and all you get is a spinning clock.
I needed to look up the restaurant's phone number but I was in a dead zone and I got clock blocked every time I Googled it.
by RobynG November 14, 2010
When a coworker or other issue stops you from leaving work on time. Compareable to cock-block.
I had plenty to do tonight, but I got clock-blocked at the copy machine and left later than a motha-fucka, son-bitch.
by bizzk August 29, 2008
When you are in the middle of sexual relations and your alarm goes off and you have to stop what you are doing to try and shut it off. This is only made worse when you think that you turned it off but you hit the snooze button instead and several minutes later it goes off again, thus interrupting your sexual liaison AGAIN. At this point, the alarm clock is usually either unplugged or just thrown across the room.
Bob: "Dude, last night I was getting it on with Jo when the alarm clock went off for no reason. I had to stop what I was doing and try to shut it off."

Andy: "Man, it sounds like you got 'Clock Blocked'
by What About Bob January 22, 2013
When you can't see the time on the bedside clock because objects are blocking it from view.
Move your tissue boxes somewhere else - I keep getting clock blocked!
by clockblocker April 18, 2010
Adjective; Either you, or your foreign friends in different time zones being too exhausted to play online games, such as Borderlands,
Also, the act of being able to play games with foreign friends, but either you or they do not wish to, or a family member needs them in which case they leave.
"Dude, its 2:00am in Austrailia, I know you really want to play, but Im sooo dang tired!"
Example: Dude it was like noon but my Australian friend was so tired, he just couldn't stay awake, I felt Clockblocked!
by Tieranei October 09, 2014
When you're trying to get it in with a lady, and it's suddenly time to go ( because your ride is here/ the place closes/ it's time for her to leave etc. ) and you end up never getting to do anything with her.
Girl: I so wanna fuck you right now!

You: oh baby, let's do it!

Girl: Oh shit my moms here to pick me up, I gotta go!

You: ...well...damn...

Your friend: Well shit dude, Id say you just got clockblocked!
by RyGuyW September 23, 2011
When you are perfectly aware that something is hindering your direct vision of a clock in your house, such as dirty dishes blocking a stove clock, or leftover time on a Microwave oven from an unfinished cooking session. Something that you could easily clear and view the time, but you are too lazy to do so.
Friend: Dude, what time is it?"
Me: "I don't know, there's still ten seconds on the microwave from when I cooked popcorn, If you want to know, go clear it.."
Friend: "Your house Clock-Blocked me just now...
by Reverend Joseph August 04, 2012
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