A non-existent yet highly lauded piece of the female anatomy allegedly part of a female's vagina. In reality, this word is derived from two latin words. 'Clit' from the latin name 'Clitus' - who was an over-sensitive and deceitful military commander belonging to the Macedonian nobility, and 'oris' - derrived from the latin word for mouth. The word developed because Clitus was very famous for speaking lies and exaggerating stories of his military victories (hence the 'oris' in the word. Since then 'Clitoris' evolved into a term that stood for a fabrication designed in order to deceive or trick. The name was picked up by an early feminist seeking to find ways to humiliate and belittle her male peers, and saw that the best way to do this was by pretending that there was a part of her body and a part of every woman's body that all men failed to stimulate, and so bring them to 'orgasm.' In this way, men are siultaneously made to look inferior to women (who supposedly can stimulate the 'clitoris') and feel a significant amount of shame and lack of self-worth. The word clitoris was created hand-in-hand with another myth, the female orgasm.
Why can you never stimulate my clitoris properly?

You're obviously a rubbish person if you can't find the clitoris.

Well I can find your penis, why can't you find my clitoris.

by Daniel Butler April 28, 2007
Top Definition
a fuckin awesome little piece of skin and nerve endings which, apparently when licked , will make a chick love you for ever (or at least say that)
clit, cliturus, clitiris, clitorus, etc...
by Big Bear Stalker August 28, 2003
A small, pink bud at the front of the opening of the vulva and the main source of the female's sexual pleasure. Female version of the penis.

AKA. The Good Spot.

Warning: can be too sensitive for direct stimulation.
Women are not given sexual pleasure through deep penetration with a large penis; all it gives them is a pain in the cervix. Le clitoris is the star of the show.
by Sam January 15, 2005
A dot-shaped nub located in the vulva above the vagina and labia minora, but below the labia majora and covered by a small hood of skin for protection against over-stimulation. The clitoris is extremely sensitive and is the primary means for a woman to achieve sexual pleasure (although vaginal orgasms are also possible for some women). When the human female is sexually aroused the clitoris fills with blood and the many condensed nerve endings become even more sensitive, whereby enough stimulation of the clitoris can result in a female orgasm, which releases the pressure by means of .08 second apart contractions throughout the vulva.
If you want a women to experience orgasm you may which to stimulate her clitoris manually, with a vibrator or with your tongue.
by entry_grrl July 16, 2005
Source of unbelievable pleasure in a woman. Looks like a tiny pink Smartie.
Mmmm... very lickable...
by Alianne September 07, 2003
A girl's button, or hot spot.
When you touch a girl's button she says ooooh!
by Punkette December 26, 2002
Nature's rubix cube
Her clitoris was so big it was like an erection
by Sinwah June 18, 2004
one main sexual organ in the female vaginal area; the organ that causes the orgasm
after sex, the girls clitoris jumped with excitement
by anonomous April 16, 2003

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