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3 definitions by Luther2

A condition in which the afflicted willingly ejaculates unprotected into the vagina of a mother of whom the afflicted’s close associates greatly disapprove of, for the purpose of conceiving a child in order to force the associates from continuing to voice their disapproval of the afflicted’s and mother’s relationship.
Eric’s girlfriend was lame, but after his Ede Syndrome went full course, there was nothing we could say.
by Luther2 August 29, 2006
Name for one who opposes notebooks or any such organizational technique in secondary schooling and in lieu of is always seen carrying a thin wooden board with a metal clip on it.
Clipboard has the same shorts as me.
by Luther2 December 10, 2006
pronounced happy.

Stands for Hill's Annual Polar Expedition.
Hey, where we going for HAPE this year?
by Luther2 August 31, 2006