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a public ass woopin
oh snap that guy just got josey
by loverss September 02, 2008
A description of a very social gathering.
This party is so "Josey."
by MoFo94 February 05, 2010
A nice wonderful girl. Has the prettiest eyes and beautiful smile but she hates to smile. She has a hard time on thinking of herself pretty but really is. She can go through many relationships but once she gets with the right guy she sticks with him and doesn't let him go. She's one of those girls who's caring but loves to have fun. She's very shy but has a great personality. Joseys are one if those all around fun people.
Dang I can't believe Josey has been dating that same guy for 11 months and 3 days. She usually goes through a boyfriend every 3 weeks. I guess she must be happy with Tyler.
by Queen Latifa1589 February 15, 2014
A great girl. She always thinks her most adorable features are her worst. She's beautiful though nobody, not even herself can see it. She's tough and shy, but once you get past her shell she's hilarious and caring and sensitive and awesome. She's a badass until she uses you as a pillow and spills her guts. The only reason she doesn't have a boyfriend is because she doesn't think she can.
Nerdy Guy: Hey, wanna see my minecraft?
Josey: No. *punches on arm*

Josey: Hey you, I'm gonna use you as a human pillow now.
Other Guy: Cool
Nerdy Guy: I think I'm bruised
by ThatGuyJake April 13, 2014
Pie-faced girl which should be short for Josephine but isn't.
Enjoys four-inch cocks because she knows she can't get anything else.
Usually found stalking random guys who like her profile pictures on Facebook
Damn that girl is such a Josey, yesterday I liked her picture and now she won't stop following me
by gaginggbosta2 October 26, 2014
To walk very, very slowly. Like a certain person named Joe.
Joe took 5 minutes to josey to the bathroom down the hall.
by Cee-dog January 26, 2008

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