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Suzannas are sex goddesses and are definitely good in bed. They're really unique and amazing people. They love to love and be loved. Suzannas are usually very outgoing and dynamic. They have alot of friends because they are so fun. They love to go out and party or go to concerts. You NEED a Suzanna in your life(:
Girl 1: OMG! Me and Suzanna just went to the Breathe Carolina concert, She was so wild and crazy, it was awesome!
Guy 1: Damnnnn: Suzanna is so hot, I wonder if shes single...
Girl 2: Not for long, Suzanna is like the most wanted girl in school!
Guy 2: Seriouslyyyyy: One time we hooked up, it was the most amazing 2 hours of my life!
by chiliburritos May 12, 2010
1 Word related to Suzanna
The most beautiful and down to earth girl. She is very nice, intelligent and loves helping people in need. She is very comfortable in her own skin and doesnt care what others think about her. No guy can resist her.
Guy 1: I just met a really awesome girl

guy 2: was her name Suzanna?

Guy 1: yea how did you know
by jonnybonbon April 17, 2011

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