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Cling-ons {Noun; Pronouced: kling-awns}

An unnoticed and fragmentary amount of fecal matter consigned to either the fabric of one's undergarments or the pubic hairs in and around the vicinity of the anus that were not collected by toilet paper during the aftermath of a bowel movement.

As in: These cling-ons are making my pants lumpy.

Or: The cling-ons held fast for dear life as the toilet paper circled around for another pass.
by CraigUnderscore February 08, 2009
When a female starts talking to a guy and is instantly obsessed with him. goes to all means to attach herself to him. multple phone calls and text messages may occur till she knows exactly what he is doing.
olesia is cling on to him like a fat kid loves cake.
by *whiteside September 16, 2007
bits of shit stuck to ya arse crack.
Wat skanky peeps get who dont wash.
You no who u are
Tramp. 'Oooooooooh bloody hell i need to clean me arse these cling ons are killing me.'
by Zac1234 November 12, 2007
A person who you have no real personal relationship with and yet follows you around as if you had them on a leash.
"you know that kid who just showed up one day and never left"?

"oh ya the clingon, lol"
by Richard Malenfant May 12, 2007
when you have had a turd and don't wipe ya botty properly
i just had a crap and i have found a dirty ole cliggon
by whinney the poo August 08, 2003
When someone can't take a joke properly or appears to clingy. Can be referred to just about anything in any situation.
Person 1: I told her we were going to have this massive orgy and she believed me.
Person 2: Wow, what a clingon

Person 1: She doesn't leave me alone
Person: She's such a clingon

Person 1: Omg he doesn't text me back quick enough
Person 2; Stop being a clingon

Person 1: I was acting pissed off and she thought I was serious
Person2: We all know she's a clingon
by LizzysGotWheelz November 03, 2011
1. Someone who really likes to snuggle.

2. Someone who likes to "cling on" to their lover, especially in public.

3. A grappler.
1. My husband is a real clingon after sex.

2. Did you see my brother Max and his wife Anita at the party last night? She's a real clingon.

3. Matt tried to punch Royce, but Royce is a real clingon.
by Sharon Johnson May 19, 2006