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A needy person who texts you way too many times to the point of psychotic behavior. These people will also call your cell phone, home, place of employment and will block their number hoping you will answer them. They won't take "no" for an answer and rationalize their needy behavior.
You go to the movies with a friend and you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend. When you get out of the movie, you check your phone and there are 5 missed calls and 15 text messages.

Your friend sees this and says "Omg we were only at the movies for 2 hours. He's such a Clingon!"
by Catastr0fc September 22, 2013
one or more couples who hang around with each other and make out. ALL THE TIME. This is partly because everyone else is so fed up their making out in their presence and making everyone else feel akward that they have banished them to forever hang out with other losers who have nothing better to do then make out.
look out! here come the cling ons! there so fucking annoying, they were cool when they were single!
by Jamiest August 19, 2009
Relatives who hang around waiting for the rich older person to die so they can get first dibs on what was left behind.

They never showed any interest or care in this relative until the later years so *hopefully* they'll be left money after they pass away.

At one point throughout their pathetic lives, they told a rich, aging relative how much they love their fine china, silverware collection etc.

At family gatherings, they will show up half an hour early and leave a half an hour late so they:
a) get as much free food as possible
b) get as much free booze as possible
c) appear to be the most loving relative EVER
I'm not going to Aunt Ella's 80th birthday party until after the cling ons have left.
by shannorammo August 04, 2011
That little booger that gets stuck in your nose and you can't get it out.
Kels had that cling on for a week!
by S Fizzy August 18, 2009
1. The meteors surrounding uranus.
2. Well...a number 1 1/2
3. backdoor boogers
"Spock!!!! You dingleberry watch out for those Cling-ons!"
by ASfinkterSaysWhat June 06, 2005
meth addicts with kickitmuch syndrome
can automaticaly sense a wisp of any substance. known for resilleence and effort.Pride may or may not be a factor
if you sell drugs you'll catch a clingon evenyually
by J-Verbal Tha "Werdologist"" March 28, 2005
This is when a guy takes a bitch home from the club to smash and the bitch ends up stay over for days instead of just a few hours.
Damn Rob, I can't believe you are inviting the Cling-on over again. How many days is she going to stay this time?
by Devious Tuning February 11, 2009