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The clingon, or in select native tongues The Star Trek is a sexual intercourse move where you form the clingon symbol with your hand which means live long and prosper, you insert two fingers in the vagina and two in the anus, with the thumb left over too massage the clit.

This move was created in the early days of a straight mans life, where he saught vagina and looked at intercourse in a different way than most, an intercourse where fingers can get stinky and pooie. Where there was no fear of anus tearing. Where the black man will not be discrimated against. Where a person can be clingoned, if there coloured or not.. "Black people cannot and will not become integrated into American society on any terms but those of self-determination and autonomy." - Gerda Lerner
see back for details, the clingon
#star trek #star treking #clingon #vagina #spock #star treked
by capt b-sauce August 03, 2009
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