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The involuntary long term contraction of your O-ring after being kicked really hard. Similar to an asshole cramp.
Billy kicked me square in the asshole and gave me a 2 minute clincher.
by kalamir Erick December 01, 2005
A turd that will not relinquish its grasp on your anus, forcing you to clinch your asscheeks together in order to pinch it off.
"That shit just wouldn't let go; it was a real clincher."
by deek March 29, 2003
A faggot who clinches their butt cheeks together while procrasterbating.
Jestin is sure a clincher.
by Webster_dic April 19, 2011
Slang term for a vagina.
"Man did you see that girl's clincher?"
by HoHoHo123468787834 February 05, 2009