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Made up curse word, courtesy of Family Guy
"The hot new curse word that's sweeping the nation: Clemen"
#family #guy #fake #curse #unfunny
by Rhett Bojangles January 29, 2006
Female ejaculate. The liquid which is sometimes excreted by the female vagina during orgasm.

Is generally accepted to be formed from the combination of clitoris and semen.

First appeared in episode of Family Guy, "Patriot Games", where it was described as "a new curse word which is sweeping the nation".
Oh man Rosanne covered my face in clemen last night when I was eating her out.
#semen #cum #ejaculate #spooge #spunk #sperm #jizz
by Chris Wilcox January 29, 2006
A mixture of seman and a woman's menstrual period.
My girlfriend and I made cleman.
#coutus #oragonpancake #supersonicshaft #sex #?
by Monkeysex June 01, 2009
-noun/adjective; a derogatory term referring to individuals deemed strange by society. Cleman is general and applies to all forms of people with qualities seen as weird such as goth, emo, ect.
"God damn, Cameron is the biggest fucking cleman."
"I hate how that cleman wears a tail."
"Look at that mingling group of raging clemen."
#scenester #beta #faggot #bandit #anime
by Nicky "Pubes" Jimmy December 04, 2013
a cleman is an incredibly loose vagina or clitoris that has not been washed in at least a month. it is not so much used to describe the texture of the minge, but as to describe the rancid smell that it gives off after excessive masterbation.not that much different from the smell of a rotting fish.
"i know your tired, but i still want to have a bang on your cleman before i go to work."
#cleman #clitoris #vagina #sweaty #betty
by Danny McFudgehole April 29, 2009
The new curse word sweeping the nation, according to Family Guy. Also, the female's "fourth hole," which is located behind the knee.
See right there, behind the knee? That's where the clemen is.
#family guy #fourth #hole #new #swear
by famguy1 November 12, 2008
Female ejaculate. A combination of clam and semen. To have been ejaculated on is to have been cleamed.
"That squirter shot clemen at least ten feet through the air!"
"I was eating her out and she cleamed all over my face."
#clemen #ejaculate #clam #semen #squirt
by Harper1652 July 10, 2008
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