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Nipples - Nice perky nipples on a females breast
"She had nipples like screw in cleats"
by C-Hip October 24, 2007
A wasted cliterus, belonging to decent lass, but has sealed over from lack of use, in effect becoming hermetically sealed.
Myra's some bird, its a shame her cleat has become hermetically sealed, you'd need a chisel and a blow torch to get your jollies with her now.
by MasterBOB425texas May 25, 2010
ugly, very ugly; meant to symbolize "no cleats on the hard wood(boner)"
THat trick was super cleats, I'd never hit that, even with a brown paper bag.
by marcs November 21, 2006
A portmanteau describing CLoned mEAT
Susan: "Eck! This steak tastes like cleat! Where did you get it?"
Albert: "I brought it home from the lab."
Susan: "I knew it!"
by the_chemist January 18, 2008