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"An Honest to God Bonefied 'Where did that guy come from' star"!
do you think he made a wrong u turn and ended up at the American Idol auditions, cause he's TOO GOOD for American Idol!
by Lisa September 12, 2004
551 613
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay GAY GAY GAY
good god clay aiken is extremely gay
by hawkdude56 April 20, 2005
1203 767
Biggest cock-smoker in the universe. A Gay Pop Idols “Star” who is in love with anus. Sings like crap and blows dick for fun.
That Clay Aiken is one big fag, I saw him suck dick at the truck-stop.
by Noreturn September 15, 2005
247 43
When a dude preferably black has sex with a small white dude and after butt sex the small white guy gives the black dude a bj the the black dude accidently sticks his dick into the white guys eye and there is cum all up in there it instantly turns red and puffy and slimy just like clay aikens career
dude i know jerome gave you a clay aiken last night
by puppanipple johnson July 24, 2008
244 46
closeted homosexual.
Be proud to be gay. Don't be a clay aiken.
by bonitas September 05, 2008
214 28
the biggest joke to come out in the entertainment industry since Richard Simmons.
That hobbit from the Lord of the Rings looks like Clay Aiken
by bonitas June 24, 2006
609 434
1) the gay runner up in american idol
2) the runner up in a non-racially viased show
3) a short hobbit
4) a man who is in love with a man (aka homo)
5) a person who has no friends and should be called a claymate because she is so femanine
"you are such a clay aiken, dude. go away"

"i don't do that sort of thing. the closest to you i'll ever be is if my foot goes up your ass. go back to p-town."
by i_am_jesus October 02, 2006
218 50
American pop singer, who won American Idol in like 2005 or something like that. Its okay girls, he gay.
Mom: So Billy, whos your favorite singer?
Billy: Clay Aiken
Mom: But isn't he gay?
Billy: Maybe...
by xSWAGxNO FAG19 March 19, 2011
170 57