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The greatest album of the 80's, by The Clash. Contains songs like London Calling, Clampdwn, Hatefull, Rudie Can't Fail, and other fucking amazing songs. Buy It NOW!!!
Person 1: Hey, I just got London Calling on CD.
Person 2: (beats person 1 up and steals London Calling)
by Joe March 05, 2005
1. Fair warning uttered by assassins right before they take out their target. Spoken with an air of superiority.
2. Spoken by Killface on Cartoon Networks "Frisky Dingo" right before he takes out 3 bodyguards with shurikens.
Killface: London calling. (throws 3 shurikens at 3 bodyguards with guns. Instant kills.)
by DavyBoyWonder November 25, 2007
A marketing campain to get people moving to London. Also a section in the paper for all the poms who live in Sydney
London is Calling to find out more visit
by lulu March 07, 2005
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