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pimps on venice blvd hitting on all the girls from marymount on sunset blvd
the loyola boys fuck the us
by P.I.M.P March 03, 2005
Drunk, alson see hammered or smashed
Yep, she's reached defcon 1
by P.I.M.P December 02, 2003
the website danniifer.com
"have you checked out danniifer today? funny shit!"
by P.I.M.P March 13, 2005
lik' doggystyle but when ya bang it harda''
imma' yusafstyle ya fatass momma on top of muh CADDY !!!!!
by p.i.m.p October 24, 2003
the biggest be-otch ever found or known to man, be-otch to the max
That bum is a bi-otche
by P.I.M.P September 04, 2003
Gangster Pimp
ur such a fash! i wish i was like u!
by P.I.M.P January 12, 2004
the defination is trust is two cannibles giving each other a blowjob
you're a bitch stick
by P.I.M.P December 13, 2004
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