A phat booty/ass with superb roundness and protrusion.

One so amazing it:

Can cause a person to become shocked or surprised.

May cause temporary disorientation or memory loss.
"DAAAYYYYUMM!!! Did you see that thang on the new girl today at lunch!??!"

"Yeah man, damn...I was right next to you remember!"

"Oh yeah...that's right."

"Look at you bro, haha. That was a Clap Back fasho!"
by F[reece]TyLe December 13, 2008
while running walking or just being naked balls hit yur ass and back to dick
damn i clapped back so much today
by u no it February 11, 2005
When s.o. claps at you, you clap back to show him that you don't care at all! It's a kind of disrespect without using words.
A: HA HA you are a funny idiot *clap*
B: *clap back*
A: WTF!?!?!
B: *clap back*
B: *clap back*
A: *walking away, pissed off big time*

The winner is B
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
When somebody gives you the clap, then they get cured, you have sex with them and give them the clap back.
Yo, yo, yo-- dat ho gave me da clap, so's I done gives her da clap back. For shizzle.
by Jack Squat February 11, 2005

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