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1.while farting the air from your fart blows your balls.
2.a very gassy person(lik a sack fill with gas)
1.aj gasticled while eating his burrito.
2. God what do u have gasticles.
by u no it January 29, 2005
wen running or dancing or just walking yur balls swing and hit yur thighs and or ass(if big balls like james eagle's)
james had captian cullions while running in cricket
by u no it February 11, 2005
when a duck pops out of a bears ass and blows up while the bear was giving u a thumbs up
I saw a shvicnoc while driving in the woods and then fainted
by u no it February 11, 2005
while running walking or just being naked balls hit yur ass and back to dick
damn i clapped back so much today
by u no it February 11, 2005

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