A yummy cream made from clams, that often comes in a can. Its good. Tastes nice.
I opened the can of yummy clam chowder.
by nathaniel spritzner July 30, 2005
Top Definition
When a man cums in a womans pussy then eats her out.
After John blew his load into Carol he was in the mood for some Clam Chowder.
#jizz #spunk #cooch #crotch #beaver
by Efetuals February 26, 2008
The fluids secreted from the elusive bearded clam when aroused, often tasting of fish and of a creamy texture.
I got some clam chowder up my nostril while giving her head hanging upside-down.
#cum #love juice #secretion #jizz #woman sauce
by Some kid from B-Town January 16, 2007
After a long night of fuck-making sometimes the female may sit on the toilet the next morning and discover an oozing discharge of sperm and other fluids from her vagina.
the texture, smell, and taste is similar to that of chunky clam chowder.
Becky totally got railed by 4 guys last night, and this morning it looked like a cauldron bubbling over full of clam chowder!!!
#clam #chowder #soup #sex #white #stinky
by uh-ryan November 03, 2009
Clam chowder is the most common soup that guys will jizz into so females will gobble up their semen.
(phone conversation) Yo man you gots to be heading over hur fosho dawg, I just shot this considerable size load into my gurls clam chowder. If you come over in time you could watch her gobble it up. ooooh, I'm already getting aroused just thinking about it. HAHAHAHAHA that stupid bitch won't even realize that she is eating my semen. This is a good joke, some might even say rich. Oh man I just tinkled a little bit thinking of how funny this is, I swear she is a fucking tard.
#ditty #hottiemonjaro #grapes of wrath #gine #two hander
by the st3 October 16, 2005
that act of a drunk guy having intercourse with a female counterpart and just before he ejaculates, he screams "Psyche!" and proceeds to vomit all over her vagina from being too intoxicated.
"Oh Yeah baby!! Uh Huh, right there, right there... OoooohhhHhhh!! Here I cum.!...."



=)~ {()}
by hotdog December 04, 2004
A super wet pussy
That lesbian was eating tons of clam chowder.
#clam #chowder #lesbian #pussy #wet
by BroWill September 24, 2014
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