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Its when a guy beats a girl in her face with his nutsack, (the eye is a good target area)after unsatisfying intercourse.
"Yo bitch that sex was dissapointing, I am going to give you the grapes of wrath COME HERE, yeah take this testical beating for that terrible performance!"
by the st3 October 04, 2005
Short for Vagina, only good Vagina, not some fat, smelly, old piece of shit vagina.
"HOLY SHIT your gine is so hot that when I spooged inside it there was a bunch of white steam that came out of your gine. I would stick my penis in your gine ANYTIME FOSHO slutbag"
by the st3 October 10, 2005
This term refers to a girl that is so hot that when males see her they spooge in their pants. They normally have a big racks, and faces built for cumshots.
"damn son look at that hottiemonjaro, I totally spooged all in my pants and shit, I wish i had a girl like that to be all blowing me and giving me a ditty and shit fosho"

"damn that hottiemonjaro has a huge rack I would love to give her face a HUGE cumshot"
by the st3 October 03, 2005
It is the kiss after eating out someones asshole, normally accompanied with a ditty.
"You see that hot piece of ass right there, well I just gave her a hershey kiss for real dawg I could almost swear that my tongue was touching her intestine, anyways I'm going to go make out with my girlfriend and when she taste the shit all on my lips I'm gonna tell her were done and that I have shit on my lips BWITCH!!! and then I will explain that I just gave another gine the hershey kiss"
by the st3 October 10, 2005
when there is a lack of the opposite sex around
"damn dawg it is slim pickens tonight, where are all of the hottiemonjaros, how am I a suppose to get a quality blowjob if there are no females to deliver, DAMN IT!"

"If this party is another one of your slim picken parties I'm going to stab you fosho"
by the st3 October 06, 2005
The most commen code name for minors to call pornography.
"Yo dawg I just got this fresh new spaceghost where this guy fucking nuts all over this slut's face, then he looks at this group of these fineass girls and says BITCHES COME. Let me tell you what homie that spaceghost had me errected for an exceptionality long time! Good thing we use the word spaceghost so our parents never find out that were talking about porn."
by the st3 October 07, 2005
Kids that look they love to surf, think they are hardcore, and are emo. Have been known to participate in a plethora of circle jerks.
"Yeah I'm a tsunami kid fosho, I use roids because I can't get muscles by myself dude, I like my long flowing hair sometimes I pretend I am a little girl. I would cry if I ever had to fight a goon, my roids would not help me. Let me tell you what though I LOVE DITTYS from men. Oh shit I need to go surf that wave it is extreme, just like me!"
by the st3 October 14, 2005

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