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to cut off a males foreskin.
It is usually done in muslim and jewish countries. America is the only non jewish or muslim country where most males are circumcised. It is also the best treatment for phimosis and infections like balanitis.

It also prevents masturbation. This is entirely psychological due to being made to feel unhappy and inferior by anti circumcision activists and most of the other authors on this page, saying that circumcision is mutilation and decreases sexual pleasure. It makes the penis less sensitive which does not mean less pleasure. It increases staying power for better orgasms and is more enjoyable for both man and woman.
if all the anti circumcision activists didn't write all the crap about circumcision on the internet, circumcised men would not masturbate any less than uncircumcised men.
by dr sex May 29, 2006
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Male genital mutilation.

Millions of years of evolution have decided that every male mammal under the sun was to be born with a foreskin. In nature you won’t find a single mammal species where the males are born without a foreskin. If the foreskin was a useless part of our anatomy, evolution would have gotten rid of it before we became human.

Circumcisions are performed on babied because they can’t complain as no adult in his right mind would subject himself to it.

Circumcision is barbaric and useless. It continues to this day only because it's practiced on innocent babies.
by ilbtna July 10, 2007
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A barbaric act of mutilation in which the skin hanging off the end of the penis (Foreskin) is removed for no good reason whatsoever. People can say it looks cleaner and it prevents smegma... well, it looks horrible. If you say that your penis looks better because it's been circumcised, then there was something seriously wrong with your foreskin. The only way I could see it from that point of view is if the foreskin was three inches long or something. The reason people do this is to prevent masturbation. Yeah, smart idea, dumbass. Mutilate me at the age of six before I even know what masturbation is... *Clap clap clap*. I wank off every day. Jackasses.
Husband: Hey, hun... feel like mutilating our son and making him hate us for the rest of his life?
Wife: You mean a circumcision?
Husband: Yep. Let's circumcise him before he has the right to choose, before he knows what masturbation is and before he knows better!
Wife: He isn't even born yet.
Husband: ...

As you can see, they made the decision without the boy. It was the same for me. Don't do the same to your son.
by The unknown guy October 11, 2007
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The thing that parent's will neve be forgiven for.
You cant undo the past. circumcision is horrible and the only way to get the pleasure of having one is drugs because you will never naturally experience it.
by Sta aka staples September 27, 2006
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Circumcision is a form of barbaric sexual-sadism. removes most or all of the frenum and ridged band, and a fair amount of shaft skin and inner mucosal tissue. the remaining nerve endings of the penis are made even less sensitive through constant rubbing against clothing and keratinization of the now exposed glans and inner mucosal tissue. Lord knows how much agony a baby goes through during the procedure. For anyone who doubts how barbaric and bloody it is, the videos are on the net if you have the stomach for them. You'll never hear such bone-chilling wailing from a baby in your life.
Aside from circumcision, there's another term for the removal of healthy tissue from a newborn baby, and it's called child abuse.
by canadiana November 10, 2006
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This is an operation done to appease the mighty and vengeful god because god hates foreskins more than anything and if you don't have yours forcibly removed without your consent he will send you to hell.

Any man who dies with his foreskin intact will have rains of sulfur fall upon him. He shall drown in a lake of fire while being stabbed by demons' pitchforks and eating shards of glass.

The only thing that god hates more than foreskins is sodomy. Things that he hates less than foreskins include theft, manslaughter, murder, and any of the seven deadly sins.

God: Augh! What's that thing on that guy's dick?
Person: Uh, it's a foreskin.
God: Well what's it doing there!
Person: You... are the one who put it there. Remember? You created man in your own image and that included giving him a foreskin.
God: Yeah, but jesus! I hate those things! Make him get rid of it!
Person: What, like make him get a circumcision?
God: Yeah!
Person: Even though every male is born with a foreskin, and there's no health reason to remove it, and removing it will deprive him of pleasure, and he's not yet old enough to consent to the surgery, and h--
God: Yes!
by the letter d November 20, 2007
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Something barbaric and unnecessary some parents do to their little boys because they enjoy mutilating kids
"I am stupid and evil because because I think circumcision is alright"
by G.Davis November 19, 2006
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Circumcision, is so evil, it may have been better defined by Hitler. It is a verb or noun, if about an existing absence, it is either the or the act of causing a circumscar to form.
The devil killed the mangod and wrote bad deception in an otherwise meant well bible, of verses and versus, it is meant to cure itself when finally rewritten correctly. The arrested development regarding retarded since babies and in teaching them how to read, such as the commandment(s): Thou shall not kill/steal the foreskin.
Titus 1:12 perhaps 1:16 in the bible, explains lying in vain if to circumcision, and sais that all else attempted in such a society or world, is somehow off and incorrect given a pattern of such foolishness. Core rules adhere to, "judge not less ye".., take out of the bible that falsity.
Bush who harbors circumterror, thus was off the mark (of the beast) with his Iraq attack.
by Joven July 30, 2006
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