Something barbaric and unnecessary some parents do to their little boys because they enjoy mutilating kids
"I am stupid and evil because because I think circumcision is alright"
by G.Davis November 19, 2006
when you cut the skin off of a baby's penis for no good reason, when they're older they think they're better than guys who aren't circumcised, because they get less pleasure from their dick, and because they think they are cleaner.
circumcised guy: " ha ha, you're not circumcised, you have an ugly dick"

uncircumcised guy: "oh, i'm sorry i didn't get my dick chopped up when i was little because it's supposed to stop me from masturbating!"

circumcised guy: "oh shit man, u mean u get more pleasure than i will ever feel in my dried out little penis?!"

uncircumcised guy: "YEP!"
"look who's laughing now!"
by 65464982 May 31, 2005
This is an operation done to appease the mighty and vengeful god because god hates foreskins more than anything and if you don't have yours forcibly removed without your consent he will send you to hell.

Any man who dies with his foreskin intact will have rains of sulfur fall upon him. He shall drown in a lake of fire while being stabbed by demons' pitchforks and eating shards of glass.

The only thing that god hates more than foreskins is sodomy. Things that he hates less than foreskins include theft, manslaughter, murder, and any of the seven deadly sins.

God: Augh! What's that thing on that guy's dick?
Person: Uh, it's a foreskin.
God: Well what's it doing there!
Person: You... are the one who put it there. Remember? You created man in your own image and that included giving him a foreskin.
God: Yeah, but jesus! I hate those things! Make him get rid of it!
Person: What, like make him get a circumcision?
God: Yeah!
Person: Even though every male is born with a foreskin, and there's no health reason to remove it, and removing it will deprive him of pleasure, and he's not yet old enough to consent to the surgery, and h--
God: Yes!
by the letter d November 20, 2007
to remove the males foreskin because of excess foreskin.
jews laugh at uncircumcised men, moo hah hah I am superior. jews punish uncircumcised men by smacking them in the face with their own penis. alex it's time for your punishment or you will be sucking my cock instead so put your face up bitch "smack" "wack" alex: ow' uncircumcised cunts: "I'de like to be smacked in the face with your cock aswell" alex: " come on ryan and dave lets do it together!" uncircumcised cunts: YEAH!
by anonymous April 01, 2005
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