Like to

I was on the 5 and I saw those Blue lights from behind and had to toss my stash. it's ok tho' cause the pig was a total C.I.L.F.!
by LiquidRitz February 20, 2008
Chef I'd Like to Fuck
This steak is juicy. I gotta talk to the CILF !
by Master Fruit August 23, 2006
Candidate I'd like to Fuck
Yeah, Obama has a lot of strategic advantages over Clinton, and McCain too for that matter, but more importantly, he's a total cilf.
by Berit Anderson February 20, 2008
Candidate I'd like to fuck.

Hillary Clinton is a hot Cilf.

Nancy Pelosi is a hot cilf, but some would call her a congressional cilf.
by Jets Fan March 07, 2008
Like to

If u r talking to an asian guy/girl, u'd prolly say AILF rather than CILF (Chink is replaced by Azn or Asian)
Jim:"Ohhhh man, that Korean girl is a CILF!"
Frey:"Ahh I prefer Jap chicks. Tomoko is a freakin CILF alright."
by Kenjitheninja December 14, 2006
Congresswoman I'd Like to Fuck
Face it, Katherine Harris is a such a CILF, brah.
by Vwaxman March 24, 2006
Cow I'd like to fuck.
Dood, look at that sweet ass cilf grazing in that farm.
by ButtSecks Billy February 23, 2004

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